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#TBT : US Mission to the European Union

Today's #ThrowbackThursday is from June 17, 2015 when I had the honor of being a cultural ambassador to the United States and performed at the Belgian residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Anthony L. Gardner.  There are not many occasions when musicians and artists come in contact with the world's most influential leaders, but that evening, my entire audience was made of up members of the EU Commission, European Parliament, and EU Council.  I was very humbled to be in their presence and as an American artist, thrilled to have performed and offered music as my contribution to their Mission to the European Union! 

From left to right:  Mrs. Alessandra Mac Crohon Gardner, cellist Deborah Pae, Ambassador Anthony L. Gardner, and pianist Dana Protopopescu

'Sweet Music for Winter Afternoons'

Shelter Island.jpg

Who says you can't go to the beach in the dead of winter?  Because I am!  And I wouldn't have it any other way...even if it's a deadly 6-10 degrees (F).  I'm on the last leg of my trip in the States before heading back to Brussels and I'm excited to return to my old stomping grounds at the Perlman Music Program (PMP) on Shelter Island this Saturday, February 7 for a romantic program of Miaskovsky, Barber, and Brahms.  It is a magical place and since the Shelter Island Reporter says it will be 'Sweet Music for Winter Afternoons' in their preview, I hope to swoon you all with some sweet slides and melodies.  If you are nearby, please do come!

NOTE:  This concert starts at 5:00PM!

Here is an enlarged version of the article:

New Video: Schumann Fantasiestücke Op. 73

I am often asked 'who is your favorite composer or performer?' and the truth is:  I don't have a 'favorite'.  I go through phases where I am completely immersed or borderline obsessed by a particular artist; a single genre, musical period, region or country; a composer or host of composers from a similar tradition; or simply by one piece. 

Schumann's Fantasiestücke Op. 73 has been one of those pieces (I know, it's not Elliot Carter, but trust me, I went through a Carter-phase when I was playing his cello sonata a few years back!).  I've played the Schumann dozens of times but it was a great rediscovery for me when it made its way back into my repertoire last year.  I had the chance to record it last month with Romanian pianist Dana Protopopescu.  Here's the video, cheers!