Courtesy of Eastern Michigan University

Courtesy of Eastern Michigan University



Every young artist, no matter how talented, needs skillful instruction and supportive mentorship in order to become a complete musician. Working with a mentor who recognizes your potential, even before you see it in yourself, can be a very powerful thing. That was certainly my experience as a young cellist and throughout my 20+ year career, I have had a number of important teachers and mentors guide me along the way.

Becoming a seasoned musician not only requires combining your excitement for creativity with technical proficiency and a thorough knowledge of the literature but the ability to draw inspiration from the humanities, find your musical voice, and cultivate your strengths to thrive professionally and make a valuable contribution to the world around us. Through the study music, one also develops a wide spectrum of “soft skills” that become integral to one’s success as a professional.

It is a great pleasure to direct my studio of young artists at Eastern Michigan University, give masterclasses at conservatories and universities across the United States, Canada, and Asia, and teach at a number of internationally renowned festivals. To learn more about EMU CELLO, continue reading below. For more information about which festivals I serve on faculty, please visit the FESTIVALS page under ABOUT.
— Deborah Pae



EMU CELLO at Eastern Michigan University is guided by the philosophy that all of its students should be exposed to exceptional musical training and diverse learning opportunities to lead a successful career in the arts. We encourage each of our cellists to be resourceful, entrepreneurial, and active ambassadors of art in their communities and we aim to make all of our musical endeavors resonate with positivity.

With the expertise of Professor Pae, each cellist receives one-on-one conservatory level instruction, which hones and strengthens students’ aural, technical, and musical abilities alongside guided career mentorship. Cellists also participate in cello ensemble, performances on- and off-campus, and a number of exciting activities at the University.

Graduates of the EMU CELLO studio have gone onto prestigious music programs throughout the country and received highly sought after assistantships at the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University, Bowling Green State University, University of Missouri, and the University of Memphis, and have participated in music festivals including Interlochen Arts, Brevard Music Center Summer Institute & Festival, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, the Viola da Gamba Society of America Conclave, the Formosa Chamber Music Festival, and PhoenixPhest.

Courtesy of Eastern Michigan University