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I know we recently got through the holiday season (did you survive?), but it turns out there’s one more thing to celebrate. It’s been a long time coming but my Formosa Quartet mates and I are thrilled to share our new album, From Hungary to Taiwan, with all of you and the world TODAY! This is definitely one of our most personal and badass projects with three commissions by our dear friends Dana Wilson, Lei Liang, and Wei-Chieh Lin alongside Béla Bartók (he's our friend too).

We poured everything into this album and to see it, as they say, “in the flesh” after all these months, it’s an unbelievable feeling. Thanks to everyone for supporting us during this intense and creative process and we hope you'll pick up your very own copy at Bridge Records, Inc. or any major outlet (Amazon, Arkiv Music, iTunes)!

With love and gratitude,

DP / Formosa

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