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This will make you smile...

This article and video have been roaming around Facebook and other social media platforms.  

And for good reason.  

I was so touched by the effort made by the New York City Ballet to fulfill a mother's request for her daughter with special needs.  If you want to smile and be reminded of how meaningful art can be, watch the video below (brought to you by Upworthy) and share it with everyone around you.  This is why I love New York and I couldn't be prouder to have grown up within the same walls!

When she reached out to the New York City Ballet about a dance program for children with special needs, she didn't expect a response. But what resulted is nothing short of sheer joy. For everyone. What they created became one of the few places these children were able to move freely without their usual braces and connect to their bodies outside of doctor's offices.

To read the full article by the San Francisco Globe, click here